Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sing Poet, Sing

Sing me a poem to conjure up love's soul
Liberated spirit reaching seventh heaven
Imploring higher authorities in sole control
To touch heart's most obscurely kept sin

Sing me a poem spooking fantasy's haven
Into nocturnal pathways concealed within
Brain cells where sinful lust plants dreams
Executed by insomnia's seductive charms

Sing me a poem for perception's schemes
Empowering minds, individuality, variety
Challenging changes' provocative alarms
Matters it not the size of savage adversity

Sing me a poem energizing major humor
Right into laugher's rhapsodic kingdom
Where smile's exulting pride is no rumor
And happiness obligates sunsets to hide

Sing me a poem, versifier of this kingdom
Muse's inspiration must trave worldwide
Transporting motivation beneath her wings
To fuel today's hope, aspiring tomorrow too

Sing me a poem, freedom blooms in springs
Conquering rebellious hearts, lonely and sad
From scandalous memory's wicked voodoo
Proving that man's independence isn't so bad
So sing poet, sing

Rapadoo O

Thursday, July 21, 2011


There are whispers in the wind tonight
Genial melodies at crepuscule of the night
Lull spirits gleam nigh the credo of life
As your love descends on a shooting star
My soul glisten in beatitude, bewildered
I hear whispers in the campfire tonight
A cappella ensemble melting poetic tunes
Incinerated flesh of romance extols love
Our entwined passions ascend on flames
Into the heart of apex of the sun's way
There are whispers from the river tonight
Incessant murmurs of fleecy intonations
As ebony dances in abundant decadence
Your waterfall love cascade my essence
My coquetry muses in your enchantress


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Personal Mail Bag

I wrote a letter to my destiny today
Also sent her my oldest pair of shoes
An itinerary retracing every footprint
Embroiling me to this, my hell of a life
Carefully planned without my consent

Free will should also get a letter today
including keys to his prison cell too
His wings necessitate winds of freedom
For liberated choices seek his protection
The soul of every will conceals a path

I posted another letter to my guilt today
with an eviction notice attached
Vacate the premises immediately, it reads
Her curse permanently cast away
I now own my conscience free and clear

A final letter is addressed to my dear luck
Hopelessly searching for a new hideaway
Judgement days is upon him, warrant issued
Among his countless charges, identity theft
Never again shall he assume fate's identity

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

By Myself

I'm surrounded by this universe
I feel little in this emptiness
Searching where to hide around this earth
Looking for deep meaning about this earth

I envision a terrestrial of lake
Where the land will never lack
I saw water pouring out on them
But, if only they were contempt

A celestial of things unseen
A mystery of things foreseen
Contentment and joy are welcome
Anger, jealousy, and hatred will not come

The archangels are clapping their hands
Rejoicing to see me by myself
The universe is celebrating my coming
Of the one who will be reigning
Clarice Ferdinand

Friday, June 17, 2011

Music to my Ears

A soft clapping wind of notes
Melody of unforgettable sounds
A list of chords assemble
Forming different notes to my rainbow

The colors of sadness and happiness
The symbol of peace and calmness
Sing, clap and dance to make music
Music is a gift for the nonmimmics

 The rainbow dances to this creation
Human, animal and nature make new creation
A tranquil rest is in this music to ears
a surely step is in the sounds that are near

The wind sings melodies of a long sleep goodnight
The ants surround their faces for a long kiss goodbye
Invention and renovation will always be music to my ears
Replacement and displacement will never be cut off from my ears
Clarice Ferdinand

Friday, June 10, 2011

Desert Storm

Conquer my effervescence
As your sweat binds to skin's inclination
Suppress this heat with pious fire
Ransack my essence, ash my desire
Release me to fantasia's nectar
Concealed 'neath the crimson sands
Cradle of my life

Sand storm your intrusion
As your release reaches all of my extremities
Capture my senses, your prisoners of war
torture their souls, break their spirits
tiptoe through my surrendered nerves
Seize my climax using guerrilla tactics
my treasure discovered


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feeling Blue

Blue sky, blue moon
yet, nothing's right
Deep blue sea, blue rivers
But nothing's wrong
Sweet sound of blues
Still, no change of mood

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mind, Body and Soul

Let this, my warm soul be thou sanctuary
Guardian angel of our magnetic friendship
Abundant mine of prestigious camaraderie
Flourishing beyond sunset's angle of dip
Guardian angel of our magnetic friendship
Let this, my simple heart be thou love castle
Flourishing beyond sunset's angle of dip
Purifying love's innocence, sunrise's gracile
Let this, my simple heart be thou love castle
Niche of golden honey-dip for thy tender soul
Purifying love's innocence, sunrise's gracile
Royal knight protect every love drop's soul
Niche of golden honey-dip for thy tender soul
Let this, my eager mind be thou oldest dungeon
Royal knight protect every love drop's soul
Days and nights shall forever visit your prison
Let this, my eager mind be thou oldest dungeon
As my seductive body thy greatest temptation
Days and nights shall forever visit your prison
Irresistibly steaming desires of this, lusty passion
As my seductive body thy greatest temptation
Let this, my sapphire eyes be thou sole spotlight
Irresistibly steaming desires of this, lusty passion
Lighting roads where infallible love will ignite
Let this, my sapphire eyes be thou sole spotlight
Abundant mine of prestigious camaraderie
Lighting roads where infallible love will ignite
Let this, my warm soul be thou sanctuary

Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Kiss

Not just a kiss
A first kiss
Our First kiss
A kiss on which a dream was built
During which, heaven revealed
All fears shattered
All egos scattered
Freedom finally conquered
And trust no longer just a word
Who's to say we can't fly
For we've never been so high
Who's to say we can die
For invincibility is on our side
Not just a kiss
A first kiss
Our first kiss

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Phantom Lover

Perfection on earth, an impossibility, illusion
Yet, here in my eden, she blossoms nightly
Creating irreproachable, nocturnal rainbows
Roses are red, violets are blue and she's perfect
His jealousy's shadow overthrows his patience
Thanatos, his army soon surround my spirit
Proclaiming, Hear ye! King of darkness speaks
Destiny has judge you, guilty sentence
Sword drawn, tears blown, protection vowed
But no match was she for Lucifer's demons
Akhilleus! She screamed, leave me not, stay
 Spirit strayed, breath stolen, cold body held
Charon carries me across, victory exalted
Colorless tears on a ghost's face, I eluded
Now a rebel phantom sneaking out of hell
To secretly rendezvous with my princess
Invisible, my arrival is anticipated and felt
Feeble whisper of my name, still she sleeps
Bedside, I marveled at her astonishing stunner
My perfect lover, demise and faithful soulmate
Warm smile floats, she reacts to sultry touch
Inch by inch her body explored, kiss bliss
Black rose on her pillow confirms my visit
She bathes in a pool of her strawberry juices
His imperfections deprive me of life, not love
Green-eyed monster, love, you shall never know
My souls and hers are forever intertwined DNA
Perfection will reclaim her love, Phantom lover

Friday, November 5, 2010

Let Love Grow

As long as there is you,
Angelical rhythm of my heart,
My everlasting source of inspiration,
Our love will grow

As long as there is your radiant smile
Binging about a full moon every time
triggering every sense of amazement,
Our love will grow

As long as there is your craziness
Unique moments of true freedom
Building unforgettable halls of memory,
Our love will grow

As long as there is your happiness
Life's sweetest reward of merit
Constant trips down the aisle of humor,
Our love will grow

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Paradise

Oh! How I yearn roaming my paradise
Where tranquil breezes caress my neck
As birds whisper lover’s sweet melodies

Hair on my body bend to your touch
Like coconut trees drunk on the wind
Like algae hypnotized by ocean waves

Hasten the sunset, my Shangri-la calls
Passionate chases of white footprints
Genuine laughter, so naïve, so infantile

Irresistible Venus de Milo, my nirvana
Voluptuous butterfly lips enticingly wet
Faithful clock lost its count, mesmerized

Suns shamelessly hide behind ocean lines
Witnessing lucent moon’s magical dance
Aborning here in my arms, my paradise

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mannequin She

At winter garden across our window
Nightmares hunt palm trees and snow
Sleeping on the rigid river, drooling
Here under these ebony comforters,
Cold passion rejects sparks of desire
As our stereo every rhapsodic tune
She feels nothing like a cold statue
But how frigid and dismissive she is
Her blank stare frozen on the ceiling
Shards of untold chronicles of deceit
Decorates our room and bed of rocks
Forbidden secrets cast out of Eden
Pillows of thorns crowning my skull,
Maybe I should have worn a helmet;
She ate the keys to my handcuffs

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Naturally, I became the falling rain
Gushing down like infuriated bees
Seeking to inflict maximum reprisals
Inside the dreams of her betrayals

But eventually the rain is the pain
Forty days and forty nights of acid
Deteriorating any signs of benevolence
Spilling my pride into endless ripples

Then suddenly more pain yields no gain
My mind captures some roses, sinking
I see her face vanishing into my anguish
She’s a shooting star; I, a lunar eclipse 

Numbness obsesses over muddy emotions
Forbidding luminance of tomorrow’s sky
Now rain, pain are drawn to disdain
So naturally self-destruct, I drown

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Perfect Romance

One hundred ordinary little fires
Teasing the unassertive and innocent night
A bed of roses stimulating anticipated moods
While massaging oils drip effortlessly
Drop after drop onto you sensitive skin
Compellingly redefining habitual curves
Creating narrow rivers of exotic sensations
Provoked by continuous motions of tenderness

Two hundred extraordinary magical lights
Double the emotions, double the expectations
Bubble of roses flirts with your seductive body
As scented candles generates royal comfort
A warm candlelight dinner served in blue
While funky saxophones and silky strings
Gently serenade the colorful night away
With a daring, formidable nocturnal dance

Three hundred vividly decorated words
Arranged in peculiar pattern, painting you
A see of roses carves our every footprint
Preludes a tender, innocuous teeth massage
Exploring your succulent body inch-by-inch
Convincingly converting obedient nerves
Our exhausted, yet determined and moist bodies
Melt extensively into the heated, eventful night